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Name:Team White Mage
Website:Final Fantasy Land
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Community description:White Mage team community for Final Fantasy Land
Curaga Casters is the team comm for the White Mage class of Final Fantasy Land. This class incorporates White Mages, Dancers, and Summoners. White Mages are an essential part of any team, using their strong magic power to cast a wide variety of support magic. There is some overlap with this role and that of Dancers (who can either debilitate enemies or aid allies) and Summoners (who conjure forth powerful beasts to turn the tide in battle). In any case, the White Mage role is a crucial one of keeping the party healthy in battle and bringing back fallen comrades. Notable Final Fantasy White Mages/Dancers/Summoners include Aerith, Dusk, Eiko, Garnet, Hope, Lilisette, Penelo, Rosa, and Yuna.


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